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Prepare for your IELTS Test from the Comfort of Your Home.

Do you have plans to study abroad or relocate to Canada or another English speaking country? Taking the IELTS will allow you fulfill the requirement for English proficiency. The test assesses your Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing abilities.


Now, many people worry about not being good at English. Others are bothered about training for the test while still going to work or leading their typical busy lives.

worried about the ielts test

At AB Education Copywriting, you’ll get IELTS training at affordable rates and in flexible schedules. From the comfort of your home, you can learn the strategies involved in preparing for the IELTS test.

Also, with emphasis on your strengths and weaknesses, my service helps you improve your English and ace the IELTS at your attempt.

If you’re concerned about how perfectly a virtual IELTS Training will work, contact me now for a free consultation. I am eager to explain how it works to you.

Visit our blog to find out more about the impact of COVID-19 on the IELTS Test

Are you worried about the changes in your plans for the IELTS test?

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Read this post to find out how COVID-19 is affecting the IELTS test. You’ll also learn what you can do to keep preparing for the test in the mean time.

4 IELTS Components


The IELTS Listening test assess your ability to listen for main facts and information, identify opinions and attitudes of speakers, and follow the development of arguments.

Can you do these in 40 minutes max? I will train you on how to achieve your band 9.0 in IELTS Listening.


The IELTS Writing assesses your ability to write a letter (General Training module) or a report (Academic module) while paying close attention to the instruction. Also, you are required to write an essay (applies to both modules) presenting your points clearly, supporting them and developing them brilliantly.

Do you think you can do these in 1 hour? Find out how I can help you score a band 7.0+ in IELTS Writing.


The IELTS Reading evaluates your ability to read for main gist, identify opinions, attitude and main facts, and find answers quickly without reading the entire passages in the three sections.

Can you answer questions on 2000+ words in 60 minutes max? I will show you how to have a band 9.0!


The IELTS Speaking test is the only informal aspect of the IELTS and the shortest at that (11-14 minutes). How well can you speak fluently, clearly, confidently, and intelligibly? These are the skills that matter in the IELTS Speaking.

Would you like to boost your abilities to convey your ideas in a relaxed and correct tone? Do you think you speak fast or slowly? Talk to me about improving your speaking skills so you can attain at least a band score of 7.5.

IELTS Case Studies
IELTS Writing image
Image Source: IELTS Online Tests

Why Many People Struggle to Pass the IELTS Writing

A lot of people struggle with the IELTS Writing. According to survey by the organizing bodies, this skill is the most challenging. Why is this the case?

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IELTS Speaking Test
Image Source: Google Play

Common Errors in the IELTS Speaking Test

Many IELTS test takers worry about their intonation or how well they can covey their ideas. Others just can’t imagine what they’ll say for two minutes in the Part 2. What are the common IELTS Speaking mistakes?

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Adenike is roundly skilled in all aspects of the IELTS. I cannot thank her enough for all the help that she provided me when I needed a band 7.0. With her help I was able to pass my IELTS exam and secure the placement for my Ph.D Law program. I feel strongly recommending her to anyone seeking to ace IELTS in one sitting.

IELTS Review from Mr Bashman Mohammed

Mr Bashman Mohammed, Lawyer and Doctoral Student

Adenike is a talented tutor who took her time to guide me on the tips to succeed in my IELTS exam. She provided the much-needed motivation when I thought an 8.0 was unattainable. I am strongly recommending her expertise for anyone looking to ace their IELTS exams.

Jephthah Afolayan, Mobile App Engineer

My first encounter with Mrs. Babalola was via the phone. She was very respectful and professionally inclined. When we started the training, she reminded me of my teachers in primary school as she was thorough, patient, very time conscious and she explains questions clearly. When it got to the stage where I wasn’t coping as I had so many concurrent activities, she was understanding, very motivating and always checking up on me. Another quality about Mrs. Babalola is her organizing skills. She has a board that keeps track of her students’ progress, their challenges and strategies to overcome them. In my own opinion, she’s a rare, highly recommendable IELTS teacher of our time.

Dr. R.O. Lawal, Consultant Psychiatrist

I appreciate Adenike for her help with my IELTS test. During my preparatory session, my friend Lanre Odewole recommended her telegram group for IELT tips. I joined and followed her free sessions especially on Writing, Speaking and Reading, and her illustrations and explanations were very easy to assimilate. I also admire her willingness to support and respond to all enquiries. I took my first-ever IELTS test on March 7, 2020, and I got an overall band score of 8.0.

Mr. Kayode Jacob O.

I have heard and seen a lot of people talk about how challenging it is to prepare for the IELTS exam. And so I was restless. This eventually led to my quest for a tutor for the IELTS exam, which I started on LinkedIn. Adenike and I got connected, and I got value for my money. Her methods of teaching were superb, and I was taken by hand on a step-by-step guide on how to study and prepare myself. The materials and tips I received were indeed priceless. One of my friends asked me how he could get a tutor for his IELTS exam. I didn’t hesitate to tell him to meet Adenike, for truly she is an outstanding IELTS coach.

Uwabor Festus Abiola, Lead Consultant, I-BRID SOLUTIONS

With her as your IELTS Instructor, you do not have to worry about your exam. Just follow her guidance and you will see how your command of English will improve significantly. Her ability to detect your area of weakness in grammar and help you get stronger is something I am a beneficiary of. I strongly recommend her to you for your IELTS preparation.

Chidera Anuforo, Research Assistant/Animal Physiologist

Mrs. Adenike Babalola is experienced and knowledgeable. She keeps her lessons effective, engaging, and fun. I was able to focus and overcome my fear of speaking and writing. Just follow the guidelines given to you by her. I strongly recommend her as your tutor for IELTS preparation.

IELTS Review from Mrs Latifah Abdullateef

Mrs. Lateefah Omolara Bashman, Computer Science Student

Tutor Mobolaji showed me the light on how to pass the IELTS exam seamlessly after a couple of attempts. I had struggled with passing the writing module. We had a very brief tutorial, and that was it. I passed the exam well, most especially the writing module. I’ll recommend her 100%.

Mr Lanre Abiola

As I spent time with Adenike Babalola in the second quarter of 2019 while preparing to write the IELTS exam, I had no doubt in my mind that she was truly endowed with the natural gifting of a teacher. I had written the IELTS General Training exam in the past. I achieved an overall band score of 8 but hit a 6.5 mark in the writing aspect, and that obviously meant that I was doing something wrong in the writing tasks. Tutorials with Nike demystified this challenge. And I moved from that 6.5 to a score of 7. A blend of factors make her a burgeoning IELTS instructor within and outside the shores of Nigeria. She has spent considerable time understanding not only the intricacies of the IELTS exam but also the required skills candidates must possess to achieve high band scores in the four domains of the exam. I therefore pass a 100% vote of confidence for Adenike Babalola.

Dr. Atinuke Oyewo, SDAH, Ile-Ife

Tutor Adenike is someone I will recommend for anyone planning to take the IELTS exam irrespective of how poor your grammar might be. Her calmness and patience were second to none. I met her two weeks to my exam, and I had no previous knowledge of the exam. She gave me more than I expected within the short duration and my points were wow.

IELTS Review from Miss Adebisi Oluwatoyin

Miss Adebisi Oluwatoyin, Chemistry Teacher Affiliate for IELTS MOck Tests
Image Source:

Take IELTS Mock Tests to Save Costs

Around the world, thousands of IELTS test takers retake the IELTS because of one skill with a less than desirable band score. Think about doing the test once and achieving your desired band score. makes it possible!

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