Benefits of Remote Working during COVID-19

It’s no longer news that COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. From Wuhan city in China to hundreds of countries around the world, coronavirus has left many families feeling devastated. Businesses, schools, and other organizations are suffering. But how can you maximize remote working?

In simple words, remote working means working from home. You don’t have to go on transit, pack your lunch or worry about being late to work. Remote working during COVID-19 is the new normal as governments of many countries have enforced lockdown policies or stay home orders.

With this reality, why should you leverage your home environment to work and stay productive during COVID-19?

  1. Working from home saves time. Forget about rushing out of the house because of traffic congestion.
  2. Remote working encourages a higher dependence on technology. When you work from home, you get to use more technological devices to get things done. For instance, you might adopt Zoom or Skype for team communication.
  3. Staying home is a perfect way to define your goals. As working from home could be really distracting, the ideal solution is to set your goals and break them down into tiny bits. Ensure that you know what you’ll be doing on a particular day. And achieve it.
  4. Remote working demands more concentration. Inasmuch as your kid or your phone needs your attention, working from home forces you to stay true to one task at a time. It takes away the need to leave your desk because you can figure out one thing within a certain period, and thereafter take the break you desperately need.
  5. Working from home helps you to create time for the ‘less serious’ things. Unlike in the office where it’s all business, deadlines, and serious looks, remote work makes you more friendly with yourself and family. No matter how busy you might get, you’ll always remember to blow your spouse a kiss or ruffle your son’s hair.

In sum, with remote working being the new normal in these unsettling times, it’s advisable that you take advantage of what’s before you. COVID-19 isn’t here to stay. So don’t get lax and unproductive. Keep learning!

Published by Adenike Babalola

I'm Adenike, a young woman in my twenties. A Seventh-day Adventist, awaiting the second coming of Jesus Christ. But while I'm doing that, I'm using my gifts of writing, helping, and encouraging to reach out to people around me and far away. Ellen G White books haven't received the attention they deserve. So, allow me to bring them into the limelight. As a matter of fact, authority websites on Google have been echoing the truths in these books. Promise - You'll keep coming back for more. I love you and hope that my site heals you in a special way. Cheers!

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