5 Best Homeschooling Ideas to Educate your Kids While Working from Home

With schools shut and businesses closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, nothing seems the same anymore. As parents, how can you educate your kids while working from home? Are you ready to homeschool?

Educating Your kids while Working from Home
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Adults and kids are equally affected. For all schools around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has altered the year 2020. Statistics show that over 850 million children are sitting at home in a bid to protect them from the spread of this malicious disease.

Many parents are confused about how to stay productive with their work while also attending to their kids. Imagine attending a meeting on Zoom video conferencing and your child bumps in, screaming his head off because his toy fell down the staircase.

I have a little son. So I know how feel. In this post, you’ll learn 5 tricks that can help you keep your kids busy and happily engaged so you can focus on working effectively.

5 Ideas for Educating Your Kids while Working from Home

  • Read Books with them 15-30 Minutes daily

I know that you probably feel like you don’t have the patience to sit with an impatient, short-attention-span kid and read. But you could at least try.

Little Girl Writing on a Paper with a Pencil
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Besides the fact that reading with your kid will help you appreciate your children’s teachers, this experience will expose you to your child’s strength and weaknesses.

For example, my son is 4 months old. And I know reading isn’t his thing yet. But it’s one of the best ways to entertain him so that I could focus on my own thing later.

He has some of the Peter and Jane A, B, and C series. And a Kids Bible. While I am interested in reading with him, all he wants to do is put my fingers in his mouth or put the pages of the book in his mouth. But I still spend time with him.

And when I have to work in my workspace, he doesn’t look for me. He just keeps chattering on to the flowers on the curtains and his toys.

My point – reading to your child can be fun for them, maybe not for you. But it’s also a brilliant way to help them learn words, meanings, ideas, and other things.

The benefit for you is that they won’t miss you when you have to attend to work matters in your home office or study.

  • Exercise with your Kids for an Hour every day

Exercising with your child daily is another way to help them learn during this period of school closure. Exercise keeps the body alert, active, and renewed.

Spending an hour to engage in physical activities including running up and down the stairs or pressups is definitely worth it.

Two Little Black Girls Walking in the Yard
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The perks of this is that your kids will be healthier and happier while at home. In addition, their brains will be actively prepared to participate in other meaningful tasks that the day may bring.

  • Play Indoor Soccer or Other Games

Playing games is another way to help your kids learn in these times. Although this isn’t the typical thing kids do at school, you can allow them play Scrabble to learn new words and their meanings or Chess to boost their thinking capability.

Alternatively, you could convert your living room, corridor or balcony to a football pitch. Such games including Legos are excellent for shaping the mind, the body, and the family of course.

Child building legos
Image Source: Pixabay.com

Additionally, sporting activities are great for educating kids in that they allow your kids to take advantage of a small space and transform it into something valuable.

  • Dance to Music and See Movies

Listening to music during this COVID-19 pandemic is an excellent way to let go of the stress and anxiety. For kids, it means a more entertaining way to learn and relax. Dance and express yourself like nobody cares, because that’s the truth.

Seeing movies like Moana, Frozen or even Boss Baby can be great. Why? Your kids could develop the grit, determination and power the characters in these movies exhibited.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

I’ve seen Moana so many times and I can’t help but appreciate the zeal and motivation of the little girl. Standing alone even when one’s parents think differently isn’t something many kids can do.

  • Encourage Painting, Drawing or Other Skills

Yesterday, after learning how to use Zoom, I saw the movie ‘The Windermere Children’ with my husband. Painting and drawing were used to expose the thoughts and psychology of over 300 children who had survived World War II.

Many of these Jewish kids had lived on scraps and watched their parents die. But after they were taken and sheltered by the British Government, they began to express themselves through different means – playing soccer, learning English, and drawing.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Creating an environment where your kids can draw and paint would allow them express thoughts, pains and disappointment about school closure.

Whether they’re unhappy and need to explore, or they just need to stay busy, these arts would work perfectly.

Wrapping Up

As you work from home during these periods, don’t leave your kids behind. Educate them with what you have. Be a part of their learning process until school resumes.

Until e-learning becomes a common means of learning for children in this part of the world, let’s leverage what we have. Add these five tricks to your daily schedule and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a fun-filled homeschooling experience.

Do you need additional support or ideas for educating your children? Contact me now!

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