Teach your Children Igbo Using BiaWaZo, a Fun, Online Learning Website

Language learning is an activity with so many benefits. From learning new words and ideas to appreciating the culture of other people, language learning is fun. And BiaWaZo is a new online learning website that’s making this achievable for parents and their kids.

BiaWaZo Igbo Language Learning Banner
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While doing some study on synonyms for my IELTS learners, I came across an ad by BiaWaZo.com, inviting parents to enroll their kids in their virtual language learning program. As a result of my interest in education, I dug a little deeper. You’ll learn about my findings in this post.

BiaWaZo: Learn Igbo Online

As parents around the world worry about their kids being out of school, some parents are being proactive and providing solutions to the out-of-school dilemma. And an example of such solutions is BiaWaZo, a product of Akwukwo.

BiaWazo.com is an online language learning website for kids, and some parents seeking to learn Igbo and other languages.

It’s true that English and Chinese are two of the world’s most spoken languages. This is why so many of us keep adding to our lexicon and seeking ways to speak, listen, read, and write better.

Despite the obvious perks of English and Chinese, local or African languages shouldn’t be abandoned, otherwise they could go extinct.

Learning Languages
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With BiaWaZo, Igbo, one of the top three Nigerian languages (besides Yoruba and Hausa) is preserved. By the way, Nigeria has over 400 languages!

This website offers virtual language learning to both native and non-native speakers of Igbo. So, whether you’re Ibo, French or English, your kids can learn Igbo on BiaWazo.com.

Recently launched in early March, this site offers three methods of learning:

  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Each of these methods are focused on helping kids to learn Igbo words, phrases, sentences, and ideas. With the lessons and activities on the site, your kids can develop their speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Why Learn Igbo with BiaWaZo.com?

You’re probably wondering if I have a relationship with the owners of this site. Not at all! I’ve only recently come across this site and done my research.

Why BiaWaZo?

  • With the widespread coronavirus crisis, kids are at home with their parents. Yes, this would have been holiday time for kids in Nigeria. But if that were the case, many kids would be holidaying with their grandparents or visiting cousins here or there. Millions of parents around the world need help with their kids right now. BiaWaZo is offering the help you so much need.
  • Another reason is the inability of many Nigerian kids to speak their native language. Growing up, I remember communicating mainly in English with my parents and siblings. English shaped our world, despite the fact that we are Yoruba. It wasn’t until I had my high school education outside Lagos (but still within the South West) that I picked up my mother tongue. And I don’t blame my parents – they did what they thought best. BiaWaZo.com will help your kids learn their mother tongue.
  • Learning Igbo at home needs to be FUN and PRACTICAL. I’ve never really been an admirer of the basic educational system where there are restrictions on curricula and syllabuses. BiaWaZo allows kids to learn in a fun way. The video lessons are filled with animations and step-by-step learning materials which make it easy for kids to learn gradually.
  • Lessons on BiaWaZo.com are accompanied by musicals to keep the practice entertaining and easy to follow. With a short attention span, kids need additional stimulants to encourage them to focus on a thing at a time. And music is just perfect for these two- to three-minute videos!
  • The three language levels and activities are central to language learning. Irrespective of the language, speaking, reading, and writing are skills you can’t miss. Languages are practical, and the learning approach on BiaWaZo offers an interactive platform where children can listen, read along, speak aloud, and write as they take the lessons.
  • Kids can continue their learning on BiaWaZo’s YouTube channel, where they’ll learn with Khez Gbugu, one of the top Igbo learners on BiaWaZo.

What Parents Think about BiaWaZo

From the reviews of BiaWaZo.com, parents of kids who are learning Igbo on this virtual language learning website are thrilled.

Besides the fact that their kids learnt their numbers, simple words and other phrases easily, the parents themselves have been picking up some Igbo too.

Some of the 5 most common benefits described are:

  • Convenient
  • Seamless
  • Fun learning
  • Interactive
  • Engaging

Subscribing for a BiaWaZo Account

To create a BiaWaZo account for your kids, you first need to decide on you preferred plans. The available packages include:

  • $10 per month – get access to virtual language learning for a month.
BiaWaZo.com Monthly Subscription for Igbo Learning
Image Source: BiaWaZo.com
  • $96 per year – this annual fee covers a year and saves you $2 per month.
BiaWaZo.com Annual Subscription for Igbo Learning
Image Source: BiaWaZo.com
  • $145 for two years – with this long-term learning package, you get access to more detailed language learning. A higher investment for more value! And you get to save $4 per month.
Image Source: BiaWaZo.com

On the sign up page for creating your child’s BiaWaZo profile, you’ll need to enter your child’s full name, an email address, and password. Choose your language learning plan, add a promo code if you have one, and register.

Then you can log in whenever you want and begin to use the virtual language learning program with your kids.

The Bottom Line

Learning Igbo can be easier than you imagined. Although the owners of BiaWaZo.com reside in Houston, Texas, their kids are learning their native language. Remarkable, right!

Won’t you like to give your kids this same opportunity? You only need your subscription fee, a personal computer or tablet, and Internet connection. Kids would also need their books and pencil/pen to make notes as they learn.

Are you looking for an easy, fun, and lasting way to educate your kids while the coronavirus pandemic is raging its storm? BiaWaZo.com has you covered! Suo Igbo!

Call (281) 785-4404 or connect on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Or fill the form here.

For adults interested in learning other languages, Duolingo is perfect. I’ve been learning French for about a month now on this free language learning app, and it has been fun, rewarding, and insightful.

You can also learn with idioms, short stories, and podcasts. Join me now!

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