6 Benefits of Taking the IELTS Mock Test

Are you looking for a reason to take the IELTS mock test?

Many people believe they can take the IELTS without much preparation. Some even say, “isn’t it just English?”

Imagine that you could pass the IELTS once. Without a second or third attempt.

Here’s the deal: taking sample tests before the main English test comes with several advantages. From discovering your strengths and weaknesses to boosting your eventual band score, a mock test is valuable.  

This post will enlighten you on 6 key benefits of taking the IELTS Mock Test.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Should You Take an IELTS Mock Test?

·         Get Familiar with the Test Format

Taking the online IELTS mock test helps you to know the format of IELTS.

This English test assesses four language skills:

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing

With a mock test, you can learn the specifics of the test. For instance, the Listening and Reading components are objective and have 40 questions each.

However, the Speaking and Writing aspects are subjective. And they last 14 minutes and 60 minutes respectively.

Moreover, you get to know more about the specific question types in each component. You don’t want to have any surprises on your IELTS test day.

·         Boost Your IELTS Band Score Gradually

A brilliant way to boost your IELTS score is to practice with a mock test.

How does this work?

With a sample test, you’ll find out how well you understand each question type. And when this happens, you’ll know how to fix your flaws.

Let’s take an example. When you complete the IELTS Mock Test, you’ll receive your results in two days.

And the results include a question by question analysis. You’ll see the questions you got right, and those you missed.

As you go through the Mock test reports, and leverage the advice given, you’ll experience an improvement over time.

For instance, one of my previous learners took three mock tests before her actual IELTS test. While she got a band score of 6.5 in the Reading test, the second one increased to 7.0. And she had band 7.5 in the third mock test.

Her main IELTS test turned out impressive.

·         Prepare for the Computer-based Test

Not many people know how the computer-based test works.

With the IELTS mock test, you can get familiar with this test option.

For instance, you’ll learn how to answer matching heading questions in the Reading component using the drag and drop option.

More than this, you’ll learn how to type fast and answer listening questions quickly.

Note, however, that the Speaking test in both the paper-based and computer-based tests are live tests. You’ll talk to an actual examiner.

But in the IELTS mock test conducted by takeIELTS.net, you get to answer recorded questions.

So you need a quiet space, good internet connection, and a functional headphone with microphone support.

·         Determine your Strengths and Weaknesses

IELTS mock tests are like reflections. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see your reflection.

These tests are like demos. They show you your strengths in all four skills. You’ll find out that you find the short answer questions in the Listening and Reading components come easy for you. Unlike multiple choice questions.

Equally, you’ll learn that matching headings’ questions prove somewhat difficult. And you’ll discover other problems you may have – time management, reading fast, or typing with speed.

·         Keep Yourself Motivated

IELTS tests are temporarily suspended in most parts of the world. And this could kill your drive to prepare for your IELTS test.

Taking the IELTS mock test will keep you motivated.

One test (in the full 2 hours 45 minutes) will keep you on your toes. And help you stay interested in the test.

When the coronavirus pandemic is passed, you may have too many things to attend to. Thus, you won’t have so much time for IELTS preparation.

So taking a mock test now will keep you on top of your game. Plus, you can take several tests until you have turned your weaknesses into strengths.

·         Practice with an Examiner’s Guidance

Finally, with the aid of an examiner, you can boost your IELTS test score. And that’s why you need an IELTS mock test.

Let’s use takeIELTS.net as an example.

All mock tests are assessed by certified IELTS examiners. Watch this video to find out how the online mock test works.

What this means is that your result is marked by people who know what the standards are. That’s why, with your result, you receive an examiner’s feedback on every component.

The feedback tells you what you did right. But more than that, it tells what your limitations are.

And you get suggestions for fixing those problems.

One of my past learners took advantage of the examiner’s feedback in her first IELTS mock test. She leveraged them in the second and third tests. And she saw positive results.

Which made it possible for her to pass her main IELTS test once.

Wrapping Up

Overall, taking the IELTS Mock test has several upsides.

But you have to be willing to put in the time to get these benefits. While the world is on a temporary standstill due to COVID-19, consider taking an IELTS Mock test.

With takeIELTS.net, you can choose a mock test package that suits your budget and preference.

You’ll get your results in only two days. And you’ll improve your band score with the feedback from certified examiners.

Are you convinced and ready to take a mock test? With the coupon code ABabalola, you will get your test at a discounted price. And I’ll get a commission that helps me to keep providing my IELTS services.

Visit takeIELTS.net to learn more about the online IELTS mock tests.

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