ECA Training for Canada

Confused about how to Apply for your ECA degree evaluation with WES and pay for it EASILY by YOURSELF?

Learn 3 main steps to START, PAY FOR, and SUBMIT your WES Application for Canada Express Entry or Provincial Nomination without worrying about how to PAY by YOURSELF.

  • You want to relocate to Canada as a permanent resident in 2022. Now you need to evaluate your credentials with WES and pay for it without stress so you can create your Express Entry Profile.
  • You’ve started the application on the WES website by yourself but you are stuck at the point of payment – because your Mastercard isn’t working.
  • You’ve heard people say that without the ECA, you can’t create an Express Entry profile, but you don’t know what to do.
  •  You’re tired of all the confusing information you read on social media and watch on YouTube about the WES Evaluation for IRCC.
  • You’re probably even wondering if your degree can be assessed by WES and if your school can be evaluated.
  • You’re not sure what documents you need for the degree evaluation.
  • Perhaps you don’t know how to get your school to send your transcript to WES for the evaluation
  • You’re worried that the ECA Application for Express Entry PR will take up to three months ass you’ve heard from many people or read on Instagram and Nairaland
  •  You may even be afraid of paying an agent or you may not have the money to pay licensed Canadian immigration consultants
  • And it’s possible that you’ve taken the IELTS and all you need now is the ECA so you can create your Express Entry profile and get in the pool before the next Express Entry Draw.

What if you had one SIMPLE way to learn how to APPLY BY YOURSELF? Using the EXACT steps I followed to COMPLETE and PAY for your ECA Application for Canada Permanent Residence by YOURSELF?



If you’re eager to relocate to Canada but you’re extremely tired of all the conflicting information everyone is sharing on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube about ECA for Canada Permanent Residence

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of how to pay for your credential evaluation because your MasterCard isn’t working and you don’t know how to pay the $220 plus $10 Standard Delivery fee

If you don’t have $1500 to pay agents or Canadian immigration consultants to do the whole Canadian immigration thing for you,

then you need my ECS for IRCC Training. Come and learn the secrets behind How I got my ECA Report for Canada Express Entry PR in just ONE week After I Applied.

Here’s Everything You Get in this 2-Hour Training

  1. I show you how to identify the exact documents that WES needs from you and your institution of study
  2. What body you should have your ECA application with – WES, ICAS, ICES, IQAS, MCC, and PEBC
  3. EVERYTHING you should do when entering your specific information – and avoid making costly mistakes with your name and date of birth
  4. My PAYMENT method for paying for the ECA Application INSTANTLY without headaches
  5. Learn the best way to track your ECA Application for IRCC using the WES App after paying and submitting
  6. What formats work best when uploading your DEGREE CERTIFICATE on your WES Account
  7. How to Calculate the points your ECA Report gives you for the Canada EXpress Entry or PNP programs

Wondering if the ECA Training for Canada Express Entry can be done on your Android device or iPhone?


  1. Yes, you will watch me start a FRESH application that you can easily repeat on your phone
  2. You will receive a PDF Template with screenshots and instructions on how to start, pay for, and submit your ECA Application even when you’re offline and not watching the videos

Who’s the Brain Behind the ECA Training for Canada Express Entry?

Hey, I’m Adenike Babalola. The IELTS Training Kit took me about one week to create and one week to update.

Why am I qualified to teach you how to apply for your ECA for Canada Express Entry?

  • I am the Creator of simplified, practical, pumped up learning at Jeelab Consults
  • Graduate of English Language
  • IELTS Tutor with over 4 years’ experience and around 85% pass rate with BAND 7.5 and higher
  • Taken the two main modules of the IELTS Test (Academic and General Training) and had 8.0 in Academic and 8.5 in General Training
  • Trained around 300 IELTS Test takers online in just 7 months with mind-blowing IELTS results
  • Wife and mother of two kids – a 2-year-old son and an almost 1-year-old daughter
  • Completed my ECA Application in JUST ONE WEEK
  • Hosted 15 virtual IELTS workshops with high success rates using Google Meet and Zoom

Some extra – I’m a Christain, and I love reading Francine Rivers novels. I’m not great at decorating cakes, but I’ve baked and decorated my son’s birthday cakes twice (first buttercream icing, second fondant icing).

I am the Creator of Nigeria’s leading IELTS Online Training with around 300 enrolments in ONLY 7 MONTHS and over 100 students with TERRIFIC IELTS results.

I’m all out to simplify your application for credential evaluation so that you can stop feeling confused, anxious, and helpless about relocating to Canada in 2022.

You’ll finally be able to start and complete your ECA Application and pay for it immediately.

I’ve broken down the process into simple, easy-to-follow, and practical steps so that you can begin and conclude your application in one sitting – 1-hour max.

No more confusion about how to pay WES with your cards. No more looking for agents or consultants to come to your rescue. No more waiting, wasting time, and worrying if your school will send your transcript to WES on time.

You are getting a view into EVERYTHING I did to complete my ECA application, pay, submit it, and receive the report in 7 days from when I applied.

I’m sure you think the ECA application and payment are a bit complex. But the truth is that my ECA Application was totally effortless. No stress at all.

Here’s what you need to know:

ECA Application for Canada Express Entry (Permanent Residence) can be super easy and FAST when you know how to start, pay, and submit a correct application.

You can receive your report on time and go on to create your Express Entry profile and get in the pool before the next Express Entry Draw.

To your Canadian dreams,


P.S. Remember, this is a limited-time offer, and it goes away very soon. So get your ECA Training for Canada Express Entry at 45% OFF right now. Click the button on top of this to secure your slot NOW.


If you follow everything in this ECA Training for Express Entry from the start to the payment stage and your application does not get submitted with ease, I will refund 100% of your training fee.


This training DOES NOT INCLUDE getting your transcript from your institution for you. The training SHOWS you in PRACTICAL WAYS how to start, pay and submit your application. For your transcript, kindly contact your institution to send it to WES as stated on their website.

I am not an Immigration Consultant. However, the information shared here is meant to help you prepare for creating your Canada Express Entry Profile. You are responsible for taking actions based on the knowledge shared.

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